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Cut Tech Costs through Simple IT solutions

IT and tech costs are an expensive component of any organization’s budget. Cutting these costs can be difficult when there are so many other priorities and many costs seem like they are fixed. This blog will show that many of your tech costs are not as set as they might appear and offers suggestions for reducing the IT and tech budget.

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Move your data/operations to the cloud!

At its most basic level, “the cloud” is just fancy talk for a network of connected servers. (And a server is simply a computer that provides data or services to other computers). When you save files to the cloud, they can be accessed from any computer connected to that cloud’s network.

Cloud computing can be used for almost all types of applications. While the idea of operating “in the cloud” can sometimes seem complicated to grasp, it's clear that it saves its users money – especially small businesses and organizations - and you’re probably doing business in the cloud already, and you don’t even realize it.

  • Scalable hardware means you pay for what you use

  • You’ll save money on energy costs

  • You’ll save money by streamlining your workforce

  • It’s good for the environment!

But is it safe? Cloud security is tight, but it’s not infallible. Cybercriminals can get into those files, whether by guessing security questions or bypassing passwords. But the more significant risk with cloud storage is privacy. Even if data isn’t stolen or published, it can still be viewed. Governments can legally request information stored in the cloud, and it’s up to the cloud services provider to deny access.

On the flip side, the data you save to the cloud is far more secure than it is on your hard drive. Cloud servers are housed in warehouses offsite and away from most employees, and they are heavily guarded.

Take advantage of free apps and tools

Besides the savings offered by cloud computing, you can reduce your business costs further by shopping around for software, some of which can be expensive. Although purchasing, setting up, and maintaining these systems could cost a considerable amount, software applications are a more affordable alternative to having a large workforce. If you look carefully, chances are you’ll find a free, equally effective alternative to almost every app and software used to fulfill your everyday business needs. If you are struggling to find the right software, let Simple IT help you. We see a wide variety of software being used by our clients and can tell you from real-world experience what works and what doesn’t.

Review your current subscriptions

There’s a good chance that your business is currently paying for subscription services that you aren’t utilizing. If you’re part of a large or growing organization, there might be some crossover or duplication of subscriptions between departments. But it can be easy to overlook these expenses since they usually come out automatically. This is especially true for annual subscriptions that only come out once a year.

Take some time to review your current subscriptions and consider whether the service is really necessary for your business. Odds are, you’ll find some opportunities to cut costs by the time you’re done.

Standardize your tech infrastructure (Hint...we are big on this one!)

One of the easiest ways to cut costs is by standardizing your tech infrastructure. This could look like giving every employee the same type of laptop or making sure everyone uses the same software applications.