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Creating An IT Strategy

In 2020, the average employee experienced 230 problems that stopped them from getting work done. The biggest complaints? Not having the right hardware or software and having to deal with IT support.

Whether you have 15 employees or 1500, technology is a foundational part of achieving your business goals. It's important to implement excellent IT strategy and practices. Applying a strategy to your IT minimizes future problems and improves employee satisfaction, which means growth for your business.

Here are three practices and strategies you can implement starting today:

1. Standardize

Creating IT standards gives you predictability with technology, which decreases the amount of work down the road. Some of the things you can standardize on are workstation models and settings, core cloud applications, and network equipment.

2. Secure

Securing your technology minimizes the risk of a breach. You'll want to be sure to secure physical devices and any applications that your team might use like your collaboration software, file storage, or CRM. You’ll also want to create strong wifi passwords, or use RADIUS authentication

3. Support

Doing a lot of upfront work helps to minimize support issues, but your employees will still need to have someone who can answer questions or perform urgent fixes when needed. Having a strong support channel will reduce the interruption to your team, getting them back to work faster.

By thinking through how you can do these three things well, you'll be on the way to creating a better technology experience for your business. Simple IT is here to help you do IT better.

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