Thanks for stopping by simpleitindy.com! I'm really honored that you would choose to check out the site.


Let me be upfront with you. I'm not the best writer. I'm much better in-person, I promise. So, if the blog seems to be a little crummy, here's my disclaimer. I'm sure I'll get better over time, so bear with me.


simpleIT consulting exists to help businesses transform technology experiences to improve productivity and drive business growth. I want to be your trusted partner with your best interest in mind. There are four core values of the business: Customers, Integrity, Community, and Team. I'll be sure to write about those so you understand them better.


My main focus for the blog is to provide helpful tips and info on how managed technology services or cloud-platform Software as a Service can help you realize better growth in your business. Maybe I'll even tell a joke. I'm looking forward to it!