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Simple IT helps pivot your business to the changing world while delivering reliable IT support and security. Tackle today’s complex obstacles with IT solutions built around your business.


We embody comprehensive, empathetic IT support for central Indiana, built with well-integrated solutions to give you the security of "business as usual." Our practical IT solutions can help you if you:

  • Don’t have IT services

  • Manage your company’s IT services

  • Already outsource your IT services

Secure, User-Friendly Experience

Create a unified experience across workstations, apps, and networks that allows for easier access and greater security. Understand the technology your team is using, ensure they have the most stable and secure versions of software, and protect all of it using security-driven best practices.

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Convenient, Expert Support

We get the frustration when things don't work right. Simple IT has your back, so your business doesn’t need to come to a standstill. Gain the confidence of constant IT reinforcement available when you need us.

Solutions Built To Scale

The team at Simple IT creates strategies that scale to you, allowing you the chance to focus on your business. Tell us your goals and we’ll find the right integrated framework of solutions to get you there.


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“[They] worked with me to develop a plan for improving our IT infrastructure that takes into account our needs and our budget.” 

— Ben Reed, Pastor of Administration, Redeemer Presbyterian Church


We've built strategic partnership with your business in mind.

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